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At Cryptobits we firmly believe in Cryptocurrencies and the underlying technologies, so much so that this site’s content and the tools that have been built are with the future very much in mind.

This is an evolving service and there is a feedback feature for registered customers. Any comments to help us improve will be much appreciated.

The dashboard is a window to what we have to offer:
The Portfolio is a powerful tool to help you record all your transactions and keep track of your crypto assets in one place. We believe we have provided a simple, accurate, straight forward way for customers to record their crypto investments which anyone can use. Simply sign in to create an account (using minimal of information - email and your name only) and start adding transactions straight away.

With the future very much in mind the Cryptobits Portfolio also has a Tax report feature so when Cryptocurrencies rocket in price you can track your profits and keep on the right side of the tax man. Disclaimer - We don’t like tax any more than you do, but it is a fact of life. Also, it is key to the legitimacy of the technology to declare your taxes to the relevant authority and this tool will help you do that.

The Prices listed show the current and recent price action of the top 5 cryptocurrencies. Clicking on this will show a larger list of prices which can be drilled down further to display the historic chart price action.

The news section will help you keep track of the most important topics concerning the Cryptocurrency space today. This is a rapidly evolving area and it is crucial to keep your finger on the pulse and future developments.

We are keen to build a community and be part of the future. We will be adding more features and make improvements over time. Sign up and click on the feedback to help us steer the Cryptobits in the right direction. Any time you spend to do this will be highly appreciated.


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